Just back from India with Wood Block stamps — Lots of Peacocks and Paisleys in my new designs. Visit here to see them all:

(Source: indigoem)

(Source: indigoem)


Three Raku pieces I did yesterday


tea-set for my dear Eileen


Vume, Volta Region, Ghana 

"Pottery Town" 

"Went to visit an Aunt who makes pots, and sell all over Ghana, the land for this kind of job is huge, but the location and atmosphere is perrrrrfect :)."

Nunu Vaness


Melbourne-based visual artist Penny Byrne uses materials such as vintage porcelain figurines and other found objects to create artworks that wield a powerful political message. These manipulated, mutilated and painted figurines explore issues concerning the environment, pop culture and global politics, all presented through Byrne’s inimitable mix of wry satire and playful humor. Byrne’s reputation as a respected ceramics conservator informs her practice, rendering her works as meticulous and studied subversions.

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started throwing pottery last month, here are a few pieces of mine.  playin’ with some really drippy glazes 


Things I did today,


Made this for a friend. Yes i make pottery too :)


Made this for a friend. Yes i make pottery too :)


please watch this makeup tutorial

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